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No common problems currently known, see further help.

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Problem: game runs too slowly

Solution: You could try running to give the game root permissions and then use the dga video driver with "galaxyhack -driver dga", though for various reasons you may well not want to do this, and it only works with certain video cards in any case.

Problem: when using the DGA video driver the game kills X on exit, or the enter key stops working

Sub-optimal solution 1: put up with it
Sub-optimal solution 2: don't use the dga video driver (though then the game will run very slowly)
Sub-optimal solution 3: Use Windows
Optimal solution: rewrite the game to use OpenGL

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Problem: compiler errors mentioning SDL

Solution: install all of the required dependencies stated on the download page. You may well need -devel packages as well (e.g. SDL-devel as well as SDL).

Problem: compiler errors mentioning Boost Filesystem

Solution: install Boost Filesystem and if your distribution has seperate devel packages, boost_filesystem-devel or similar as well. If this still does not fix the problem, perhaps your system gives the boost library a different name to boost_filesystem? If so, change the Makefile accordingly.

Problem: compiler errors including something along the lines of "undefined reference to `std::char_traits<unsigned char>::compare(unsigned char const*, unsigned char const*, unsigned)'"

Optimal solution: upgrade to a newer version of GCC
Sub-optimal solution that will probably still work: In GlobalConstants.h change the line "typedef std::basic_string<unsigned char> ustring;" to "typedef std::basic_string<char> ustring;". This will create lots of compiler warnings and technically anything that the AI Interpreter code does is now undefined. But it will probably work fine in any case.

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Further help:

If GalaxyHack comes across a problem, it should give you a message telling you what the problem is. A record of such messages is kept in a file named "galaxyhack-log.txt" in the GalaxyHack directory. Please post about bugs or other problems with the game on the forums rather than emailing me directly. This way other people can discuss/back up/help/learn from your problems and any responses you may receive. For bugs please include a full description of what you were doing at the time that the bug occurred.