Fleet Selection Tutorial:

GalaxyHack allows substantial customisation of your fleet. You choose what sort of units you want to add to your fleet, and you write your own AI scripts to assign to those units.

You can enter the fleet editor by selecting it from the game's main menu.

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The fleet editor's main popup menu:

Edit Group: Edit one of the groups within your fleet. From here you can also edit the unit that makes up the group. Unit data is stored seperately to fleet data, so editing a unit will affect all groups that use that unit.

Add new group(s): Add one or more new groups to your fleet.

Delete group: Delete a group from your fleet. Deleting a capital ship will remove all the small ships within that capital ship as well.

Starting positions: The view will change to show the current starting positions of all your groups. By clicking and holding down the left mouse button you can drag your groups into different starting positions. Choose your groups' starting positions on the assumption that your fleet will start off at the top left of the battle space. If your fleet starts off on the right then the x coordinate of your groups' starting positions will automatically be inverted, and if your fleet starts off at the bottom then the y coordinate of your groups' starting positions will automatically be inverted.

Options: General options.

Save and exit: Return to the main menu. Your fleet will be automatically saved when you quit the fleet editor.

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Using the fleet editor

The fleet editor, like the rest of the game, is based around windows and menus:

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Customising the look of your fleet

You may, if you so wish, draw custom artwork for some or all of your ships, though this is certainly not compulsory. Artwork should be placed in your fleet's "unitpictures" directory, which is automatically created when you use the fleet editor to create a new fleet. Note that if you use pictures that come with the game you do not need to add them to your fleet's "unitpictures" directory, because pictures in the base "standardpictures" directory are always available to all fleets.

If you do wish to draw your own artwork, please take note of the following guidelines: