Fleet Selection Reference Guide:

Here you can find a general description of each of the three basic unit types.

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General notes:

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Small ships:

Small ships have a wider variety of choice than the other unit types. Equipped correctly, small ships are able to take on any other group type - lasers and missiles can destroy small ships and frigates, whilst torpedos can destroy capital ships.

However, they can only be equipped with a small proportion of their available equipment at once, and even when equipped with maximum shields and armour are still very vulnerable to attacks from all other group types.

Available weapons: Twin lasers, missiles, torpedos.

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Frigates are much stronger than small ships, both in terms of firepower and the amount of damage they can sustain.

However, they are both much more expensive and much slower than small ships.

Available weapons: Can have 2 small laser turrets (which can be either weaker twin lasers or stronger single lasers). Frigates can also optionally have one big laser, instead of or in addition to small lasers.

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Capital Ships:

Without capital ships your small ship groups would never be able to make it to the battle, yet once battle has started small ships must return the favour and more. Capital ships are large, slow and expensive. Should all your capital ships be destroyed, the battle is lost.

Capital ships are not as player customisable as the other unit types. There are three ready made capital ship types - light, medium and heavy - from which you can choose. Beyond this, the only options are what sort of small lasers you equip them with, which AI script (if any) they are assigned, and the name you give them.

The available types of capital ships are:


Number of laser turrets

Number of small ship groups held

Number of frigates supported

Light capital ship 3 3 2
Medium capital ship 6 6 4
Heavy capital ship 9 9 6

Larger capital ships also cost more points, and have more armour.